Baby Nest – a practical baby item for any home

Bringing home a new baby – how exciting! Newborns sleep a lot – typically up to 16 to 17 hours a day, and for the first 6-8 weeks they don’t really stay up for longer than 2 hours at a time. This also means waking up during the night several times and that can end up being very tiring for you as a parent – this is why establishing a good sleep routine is very important.

The new age travel bed

Often it’s not just the new parents and the baby – you might already have older kids, a large household to run, work to do and other commitments. Many of us need to still keep the house running while also looking after our brand new little bubba – which is where the baby nest comes in!  Think of it as a soft little travel bed for your little one. With a hard base and a firm mattress, the baby nest can be put pretty much anywhere for your baby to have alittle nap while you keep up with other commitments you have or even just have a shower, catch up with your friends or watch the latest episode of your favourite tv show!

A familiar space for easy naps Place it on the floor while you chill out in front of the tv, on the kitchen table (when your baby doesn’t turn yet!) while you prep the dinner or anywhere you like really!

The baby nest cover is removable – you can take out the side cushioning, the firm mattres,, the cardboard base and easily wash the cover in case little “accidents” happen! And they do happen with newborns!

The babynest also has carry straps for easy transport and a carry bag for travelling or storage. Everything really has been taken care of to make the first few months of nap times a breeze! YOu will love it, the baby will love it and your family will love it!